16 June 2016

“Personalization” not new in auction

16 June 2016,

Personalization is a current hot marketing term in all industries, but the auction industry has been personalizing services for decades. By James Myers, contributor

19 May 2016

Online brand management: What happens when Google finds you?

19 May 2016,

The public can search Google and find your social media posts. Is that good thing for you or your online brand? By Curtis Kitchen, NAA

21 April 2016

Is content marketing splitting its jeans?

21 April 2016,

A 2016 study says the popular strategy is stuffing content channels past effectiveness – despite a growing number of publishing options. By Curtis Kitchen,

14 April 2016

Make your hashtag successful

14 April 2016,

How do you get the public to see your hashtag? By Curtis Kitchen, NAA Director of Publications and Trade Show There was a time

9 March 2016

#Auctionswork / #NAAPro national campaign, National Auctioneers Week events announced

9 March 2016,

The campaign’s soft rollout is over. It’s officially time for you, as an #NAAPro, to stand with your peers and declare #AuctionsWork. By NAA Staff

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