8 February 2016

Your elevator speech: How to effectively use it

8 February 2016,

Having an elevator speech is just a start. Knowing when and how to use it is really what will make you stand above your

2 February 2016

Facebook: NAA auction pros use targeted tools to best market to your asset needs

2 February 2016,

Armed with loads of data, NAA’s ATS designation curriculum is punching conventional auction marketing theory in its gut feeling. By Curtis Kitchen, NAA Director

2 February 2016

Facebook Lookalike Audiences: How to build one

2 February 2016,

Facebook Lookalike Audiences: What they are, why you should be using them, and how to get started. By Curtis Kitchen, NAA Director of Publications and Trade

7 January 2016

Firearms: How President Obama’s executive actions affect auctions

7 January 2016,

How does President Obama’s recent Firearms Executive Actions announcement affect you if you sell firearms at auction? Here’s what you need to know as

21 December 2015

Fed raises rate: Will it affect auction industry?

21 December 2015,

By NAA Staff The Federal Reserve raised its benchmark rate in mid-December to range between 0.25% and 0.50% — a move that had been anticipated

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