9 February 2018

Making it as a first-generation auction professional

9 February 2018,

Being the first of anything is never easy. Here are some major pitfalls and how to avoid them. By Emma Dougherty, NAA Content Developer

8 February 2016

Your elevator speech: How to effectively use it

8 February 2016,

Having an elevator speech is just a start. Knowing when and how to use it is really what will make you stand above your

8 May 2015

NAA members staking claim as auction industry champions

8 May 2015,

[socialring] By NAA Staff Luck, it’s said, is the combination of preparation meeting opportunity. That certainly holds true for National Auctioneers Association members who

1 April 2015

NAA database makes finding an auction professional easy

1 April 2015,

[socialring] By Curtis Kitchen The auction industry’s influence on other parts of big business – including real estate, personal property, art, and more –

20 March 2015

Grandma left you everything!? Find an NAA auction pro

20 March 2015,

Rarely, when dealing with the emotional stress of the loss of a family member are we prepared to make the necessary decisions without the assistance of a knowledgeable team, including an NAA professional.