13 October 2017

Beyond fundraising: Donor focused benefit auctions

13 October 2017,

Get away from the “event-only” mindset and you increase your chances at raising donor retention rates. By NAA Staff What, actually, is a donor?

14 September 2017

Benefit auctions: So, you want to change the world. Here’s how to get started

14 September 2017,

You’d like to add benefit auctions to your client services but don’t know how or where to start? Here are some tips to get

23 September 2016

Nonprofit fundraisers need NAA benefit auction professionals

23 September 2016,

  Year-over-year results can improve dramatically for your event simply by using a trained NAA BAS professional. By James Myers Most nonprofit organizations are

4 September 2015

Benefit: Nonprofits need auction professionals for fundraising

4 September 2015,

[socialring] Nonprofits think they will make more by spending less (or none) on an auction professional. That’s wrong.   By James Myers Most nonprofit