21 July 2018

Barrett Bray, Emily Wears Kroul win 2018 NAA International Auctioneer Championship

21 July 2018,

Wears Kroul, auctioneer on A&E’s ‘Storage Wars’, nabs hard-earned Women’s title in 10th attempt; Bray lays claim to Men’s championship in first try. JACKSONVILLE,

11 July 2018

Protecting your personal safety

11 July 2018,

  An auction professional’s personal safety shouldn’t be taken for granted when out in the field. Law enforcement officers share tips on staying safe

14 September 2017

Benefit auctions: So, you want to change the world. Here’s how to get started

14 September 2017,

You’d like to add benefit auctions to your client services but don’t know how or where to start? Here are some tips to get

26 May 2017

Why NAA IJAC is so important now and for the future of auction

26 May 2017,

  The International Junior Auctioneer Championship title has proven to hold big personal and professional value for young aspiring auction professionals. By NAA Staff

8 February 2017

5 Ways to Make Your NAA Conference and Show Dream a Reality

8 February 2017,

Columbus in 2017 is within your reach, and doing so could change your whole career. Registration opens March 1. By Nancy Hull Rigdon, contributor