16 June 2016

“Personalization” not new in auction

16 June 2016,

Personalization is a current hot marketing term in all industries, but the auction industry has been personalizing services for decades. By James Myers, contributor

10 July 2015

NAA designation matters when seeking auctioneers

10 July 2015,

(This article appeared in the July 2, 2015 edition of USA TODAY in the Auction Showcase section.) [socialring] By Curtis Kitchen Ask someone on

8 May 2015

NAA members staking claim as auction industry champions

8 May 2015,

[socialring] By NAA Staff Luck, it’s said, is the combination of preparation meeting opportunity. That certainly holds true for National Auctioneers Association members who

1 April 2015

NAA database makes finding an auction professional easy

1 April 2015,

[socialring] By Curtis Kitchen The auction industry’s influence on other parts of big business – including real estate, personal property, art, and more –