9 November 2017

Selling firearms: What auction professionals need to know

9 November 2017,

  The ATF wants to shed its secretive label and help industries, including auction, understand what is needed to lawfully sell firearms. By NAA

13 October 2017

Estate auctions: Trust and patience

13 October 2017,

An auction professional must have both when managing an estate auction. And, you need to build trust with more people than the client themselves.

29 July 2016

ATF Deputy Assistant Director gives insights on guns, FFLs at auction

29 July 2016,

ATF official Curtis Gilbert spoke with NAA members in Grand Rapids about a variety of topics related to firearms at auctions. By James Myers,

7 January 2016

Firearms: How President Obama’s executive actions affect auctions

7 January 2016,

How does President Obama’s recent Firearms Executive Actions announcement affect you if you sell firearms at auction? Here’s what you need to know as