20 March 2015

Grandma left you everything!? Find an NAA auction pro

20 March 2015,

Rarely, when dealing with the emotional stress of the loss of a family member are we prepared to make the necessary decisions without the assistance of a knowledgeable team, including an NAA professional.

17 March 2015

Tad Smith, Sotheby’s and what it means for auction

17 March 2015,

[socialring] By Curtis Kitchen, NAA Director of Publications & Trade Show News broke this week that Tad Smith … … will jump from his perch

18 February 2015

True market value may be increased by using NAA auction professionals

18 February 2015,

Perhaps one of the most important lynchpins in the auction method of marketing, “market value” is a frequently used but oftentimes misunderstood concept by buyers and sellers alike.

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