9 March 2016,

#Auctionswork / #NAAPro national campaign, National Auctioneers Week events announced

The campaign’s soft rollout is over. It’s officially time for you, as an #NAAPro, to stand with your peers and declare #AuctionsWork.

By NAA Staff

As if it were the first scattered drops hinting at life-giving rain, the #AuctionsWork hashtag began broadly appearing in random social media feeds the past several months.

It is now time for that growth to begin as the National Auctioneers Association officially unveils and embarks on the #AuctionsWork and #NAAPro social media campaign in 2016.

Succinct and powerful, the message’s staying power has been evident from the outset; the slogan never wavering from its original phrasing, despite undergoing the standard rigors of idea sharing and additional development that led to the creation and inclusion of #NAAPro. The second tag serves as a unifying tag for all NAA members to instantly symbolize their involvement and contribution to the association and auction industry.

Combined, it is a double-edged, national, social media campaign message built to be welcomed by the general consumer who will appreciate the forthright, confident, solution-based sentiment that #AuctionsWork and #NAAPro project.

“The Promotions Committee and NAA Staff have done great work in maximizing publicity efforts in these campaigns, while keeping other long-range goals in mind for NAA,” said NAA Treasurer Devin Ford, CAI, CES. “It allows us to effectively promote our association in the short-term, but also remain on the long-term path for a growing, sustainable footprint in the marketplace.”

In other words, the campaign is slated to be successful but also fiscally responsible as it is built to depend largely on member involvement. It is set up to be a grassroots effort, which fits the roots of the #AuctionsWork message itself.

#AuctionsWork: How it began

#AuctionsWork was first conceived in 2012, in fitting fashion, at a spring Michigan estate auction during a quick, shared moment between NAA auction professionals Kenny Lindsay and David Helmer, CAI, CES, GPPA.

“I was standing alongside my friend and colleague, David Helmer, who sold a three-year old, well-used Honda generator that nearly doubled the expectations from the seller,” Lindsay said. “In fact, it nearly sold for the same amount you could buy a brand spanking new one for.

“We quickly gave each other that ‘look’ with the slight raise of the eyebrows. Helmer quips, ‘Hey. Auctions work.’

Helmer’s comment struck a chord with Lindsay, who is the co-founder and Chairman of the Michigan Auctioneers Association’s Public Promotions department. He went home that same evening to create the Auctions Work! Social media campaign for the MAA.

Through 2014 and 2015, Lindsay’s work paid off. A great campaign is one that becomes so embedded that its origins become hazy or forgotten as the message moves ahead. That’s what happened to Helmer, who didn’t recognize his own words.

“What’s funny is a couple years into the program, Helmer had repeatedly complimented me on the overwhelming popularity of the Auctions Work! campaign,” Lindsay said. “He was shocked and completely oblivious to the fact that it was his off-the-cuff remark that provided the fuel.”

Energized by the results, Lindsay pushed the message idea to NAA in hopes that the association would feel free to apply the hashtag and campaign to a broader audience.

“My role [in the MAA Public Promotions Department] is to help create powerful marketing concepts and popularize them,” Lindsay said. “Our industry faces more competition today than ever, and the only way to stay ahead of the curve is to collectively promote the power of auctions to the general public.”

The NAA Promotions Committee enthusiastically accepted that charge and, as it formed its strategies for 2016, integrated the overall #AuctionsWork message into all scheduled aspects including National Auctioneers Week in April.

National Auctioneers Week

Set for April 11-16, the entire week has been marked as an extension of National Auctioneers Day (April 16). The extension came as a result of hearing member feedback that one day simply wasn’t enough, especially when it came on the same day as many auctions.

Therefore, the Promotions Committee developed an easy but comprehensive promotional approach that involves press releases, video, personal interaction, social media, and an official proclamation. (See the full schedule.)

“We have developed a plan that will make participation for the membership virtually effortless. If members will follow the provided plan, it should take less than five minutes out of each of their days,” said Promotions Committee Chairman Tim Mast, CAI, AARE. “Collaboratively, we will raise awareness of our own businesses, the benefits of working with an #NAAPro, and the auction method of marketing.

“We believe strongly that the strength of the NAA is its members and that a coordinated voice from many will have a far greater effect than the loud voice of one. Social media provides the tools to make that happen.”

With tools in place, the success of the campaign will ultimately rely on member involvement – a factor not lost on NAA President Spanky Assiter, CAI, AARE.

“It is incredibly important for all NAA members to actively engage in these campaigns,” Assiter said. “The #AuctionsWork campaign started as a grassroots effort, and the Promotions Committee has done tremendous work in building really simple but powerful engagement tools for members.
“With the tools, members can help spread the #AuctionsWork message in conjunction with why someone should use an #NAAPro.”

As an incentive, one person will be chosen at random among those who take part in the #AuctionsWork campaign. He or she will be provided a free 2016 NAA Conference and Show registration.

So, while the end result of NAA’s overall campaign has a while before it can be fully evaluated, to see an original one-liner with a friend achieve the large-scale scope it has already gives Lindsay a great deal of satisfaction.

“Being excited about the NAA embracing the Auctions Work! campaign is an understatement,” Lindsay said. “The fact that thousands of auction professionals from around the world can all join together on a mission is empowering.

“NAA leadership is taking another giant step to ensure that our auction stake is firmly set in solid ground throughout the free market.”


2016 National Auctioneers Week Schedule of Events


Every day during National Auctioneers Week, an NAA leader will send you a morning email with all of your social media tools and directions needed to make each day count to its fullest. Here is what’s on tap for each day:

Logo Monday

Let’s get the week started right! NAA members all will share a common voice by changing their Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter profile pictures to an NAA logo. When you share, write a quick post explaining what the NAA logo represents and that you are a proud member. And, remember: tag your auction-related posts with #AuctionsWork and #NAAPro! Already-sized logos will be provided via email.

Walk the Talk Tuesday

NAA members will be encouraged to talk to 10 people about why #auctionswork and why they should choose an #NAApro. Members can hand out an Elevator Speech Card – you received 10 inside this issue of Auctioneer magazine. (As a bonus, take a quick selfie with the people you meet (if they allow), and post your auction outreach efforts. Make sure to hashtag them!)

We Share Wednesday

Share the NAA :30-promotional video in your social media channels. Write a quick elevator-speech themed post and tag it with #auctionswork and #naapro. A link will be provided to you via email.

Thought Leader Thursday

NAA members are advocates for the auction industry. Part of that effort includes submitting a Proclamation to government thought leaders that the third Saturday of the month is recognized as National Auctioneers Day. Did you send the Proclamation? Or, did you meet during the year with your city, state or national government representatives? Share those images and experiences on social media, and let everyone know how important your advocacy efforts are. Remember to hashtag them!

Feel the Rush Friday

Know that rush that comes with every successful auction? It’s time to share those successes! Make a day out of it – perhaps share several posts throughout a day remembering a favorite event, or share several successes from different events. Hashtag them all, and let your channels feel the rush you felt each time you proved #auctionswork!

Celebration Saturday

Happy National Auctioneers Day! While NAA is celebrating the whole week, Saturday marks the official day that we honor the #NAApro and all auction professionals. Download the cool graphic from NAA that encourages your social media channels to participate in an auction today. Post it along with a link to your event or website. Hashtag it, and take lots of photos from your events. And, of course, share them socially!

Make It Last Monday

Make the message a lasting one. Use the previous week as a launch pad into the rest of 2016. Continue to use the tools you were provided to help spread the campaign message that #auctionswork and that you are an #NAApro!