2 February 2017,

CAI+: Auction graduate school


“CAI is the only place in the United States where you can find a higher education level auctioneering course.” – Shawn Terrel, CAI, AARE


By Nancy Hull Rigdon, contributor

Think of CAI+ as the graduate school of the auction profession.

The new program is open to NAA members at least five years removed from completing the CAI program – the three-year program equivalent to a bachelor’s degree in auctioneering. With CAI+ set to debut in March during CAI in Bloomington, Indiana, instructors and attendees – master’s students, if you will – are looking forward to elevating their careers.

“I’ve always looked at CAI as a week where you go to Indiana and better yourself, and what’s exciting this year with CAI+ is that it will be a course full of the career professionals in the auction industry,” says Shawn Terrel, CAI, AARE. “All attendees have made it past that initial career threshold, and the collective of shared learning will further everyone’s careers.”

He adds, “The sharing of ideas within the group will be invaluable.”

Terrel has served as a CAI instructor, with a focus on effective business plans – his courses have detailed short-term and long-term planning. At CAI+, the camaraderie of the group will certainly be a highlight.

“There will be people there from the auction industry that you haven’t seen for five, 10 years. We all know each other through events like CAI and then it can be hard to keep up with each other when we’re back in our own areas. This will be like a reunion,” Terrel says.

Most of all, he’s looking forward to the quality of education.

“CAI is the only place in the United States where you can find a higher education level auctioneering course,” says Terrel. “I”ve been in this industry for well over 25 years, and the best education that I’ve found in the field is the CAI program.”

Rob Mayo, CAI, AARE, AMM, GPPA, will teach a CAI+ course on productivity and efficiencies. In the class, he’ll take attendees through several challenging exercises to evaluate current business practices, identify areas of improvement and work toward solutions.

Those who take part should expect an interactive course where attendees work in groups.

“At the end of it, you’ll walk away with tools and strategies that improve what you’re doing in business as well as in life,” he says.

While Mayo will teach the course, he expects to learn just as much or more than he teaches.

“CAI events attract the professionals in the industry that are really striving for excellence,” he says. “When you have the opportunity to network with those individuals, I always walk away with something that improves my life.”

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