CAI (Certified Auctioneers Institute)


CAI is different from NAA’s other designations. It’s a three year program in which attendees spend a week each year onsite at Indiana University.

It’s an intensive program involving late nights working on proposals and other projects that happen in the time between classes.

CAI, unlike other designations, focuses on the business of the auction industry rather than on a particular asset class. While attendees learn about different types of auctions, the focus is on business planning, development and structure.

Attendees register for CAI I, CAI II, and CAI III in successive years. Gaps between CAI I, II and III of more than two years require approval of the Education Director, and often are addressed by having attendees audit CAI classes for a year before returning to the program.

WHEN is CAI offered?

CAI is offered in late March in Bloomington, IN at Indiana University. CAI I, II and III happen concurrently.

HOW can you get the Designation?

The requirements to register for CAI are as follows:

  • Attendees must be at least 21
  • Attendees must have at least two years in the auction industry
  • Hold a high school diploma or its equivalent
  • Pass the designation prerequisite exam or hold another NAA designation
  • Register for the CAI class.

To obtain the CAI designation:

  • Before the class starts, attendees will receive a link to the predesignation course and exam. Before people come to class, they must pass the exam.
  • Attend all three full weeks of instruction.
  • Complete an auction proposal, which is critiqued by the CAI Committee (between CAI I and II)
  • Complete a business plan (between CAI II and III).
  • Present the above business plan to their class and a team of examiners in CAI III.

WHO teaches CAI?

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CAI Member Registration Costs:

CAI I: $1270 (before January 1); $1370 (after January 1)
CAI II: $1170 (before January 1); $1270 (after January 1)
CAI III: $1170 (before January 1); $1270 (after January 1)

There are scholarships available for CAI I! Click here for more details.