CAS (Contract Auction Specialist)


The Contract Auction Specialist is a two-day course that shows Contract Auctioneers how to treat what they do as a business, covering marketing, sales, professionalism, and money management including the tax and insurance implications of working for yourself.

WHEN is CAS offered?

The first offering of this new designation will be in February 2017.

HOW can you get the designation?

The requirements to register for CAS are the standard ones (Pass the prerequisite exam or hold another NAA Designation). Here’s the timeline for someone to achieve the CAS Designation:
Register for the CAS class.
Before the class starts, attendees will receive a link to the designation course and exam. Attendees must pass the exam before the class begins.
Attend both days of the designation class.
After the class, to obtain the designation, candidates must submit four (4) evaluations from a contract auction.

WHO teaches CAS?

Peter Gehres, CAI, CAS, CES – Peter is an Auctioneer and Realtor with the Real Estate Showcase Auction Company and owner of Belhorn Auctions. He is also an auctioneer for Mike Brandly, Auctioneer, the Akron Auto Auction, and Brinkman Auctions.


Doak Lambert, CAS – Doak grew up with an interest in the cattle business. While in college, he also became interested in the auction business, and in 1986, graduated from the Missouri Auction School in Kansas City, Missouri. Lambert started in the auction business in 1986 with a focus on purebred cattle auctions, and over the years, he has presided over some of the most prominent livestock auctions in U.S., including selling champion stock at the Ft. Worth Stock Show, Houston Livestock Show and the American Royal Livestock Show in Kansas City.


Charles Nicholls, CAS

Shane Ratliff, CASShane is a founding partner of Estate Auction Group, LLC and is one of the most decorated auction professionals in the world. Mr. Ratliff is one of the elite auctioneers to hold the distinguished titles of NAA International Champion Auctioneer as well as World Champion Automobile Auctioneer. Mr. Ratliff is President and CEO of  Ratliff Auctioneers, Inc. which oversees over 600 auctions annually, working extensively with major automobile and power sport manufacturers on a weekly basis. In addition, Mr. Ratliff has helped non-profit organizations around the world reach their goals through fundraising auction services for over 20 years. Along with celebrity fundraising events, Shane is often seen on national television defining auctioneering excellence for Barrett-Jackson Auction Company, the “world’s greatest collector car auctions”. In recognition for a lifetime of professional achievement, Shane Ratliff was the recipient of the NAAA Auctioneer of the Year Award in 2007.