The NAA committee members are made up professional members who provide a vast array of experiences and vested interest in the organization. These fine men and women are listed below.
Advocacy Committee
David P. Whitley, CAI, CES (Chair)
Jason Winter, CAI, AARE, AMM, CES (Vice Chair)
Chad Johnson, CAI, BAS
Braden McCurdy, CAI, AARE
John S. Nicholls, AARE, AMM
Charlotte Pyle, CAI
Dave Webb, BAS, GPPA
Andrew Wilson, CAI, CES
Lisa York, CAI, AMM
Promotions Committee
Matt Corso, CAI, CES - Chair
Trisha Brauer, CAI, BAS – Vice Chair
Chris Pracht, CAI, AARE, CES
David Taylor, CAI
Krista Shuman, AMM
Sara Rose Bytnar, CAI, AARE, AMM
Frank Kitchen, BAS
David Bradshaw, CAI, AARE, AMM
Tommy Rowell, CAI, AARE
Governance Committee
Scott H. Shuman, CAI (Chair)
Tim Mast, CAI, AARE (Vice Chair)
Sandy Alderfer, CAI, MPPA
Kurt Aumann, CAI, ATS, CES
Lori Jones
Tim Keller, CAI, AMM, CES
Will Lilly
Tom Saturley, CAI
Lance Walker, CAI, BAS, CES
Audit Committee
Tommy Rowell, CAI, AARE (NAA Treasurer/EC Liaison)
Regina Andrijeski
Devin Ford, CAI, CES
Katie Imholte Gabriel, BAS
Harold Musser, CAI, AMM
IAC Committee
John S. Nicholls, AARE, AMM (Chair)
Spanky Assiter, CAI, AARE (Vice Chair)
TJ Freije, CAI, CAS
Peter Gehres, CAI, CAS, CES
Dustin B. Rogers, CAI, CAS
Sara Rose Bytnar, CAI, AARE, AMM
Beth Rose, CAI, AARE, AMM
Tammy Tisland
C&S Oversight Committee
Trisha A. Brauer, CAI, BAS (Chair)
Kathy Baber
Billie Jo Conner, CAI, AMM
Angela Johnson
Larry Pearce, Jr., AARE, ATS, CES
Ryan Reed, CAI
Courtney Jo Weaver