1 March 2017,

NAA announces ‘Success With Our #NAAPro’ social media campaign for National Auctioneers Week (April 3-8)


To reinforce that #auctionswork, especially when managed by an #NAAPro, the National Auctioneers Association will encourage members to celebrate their community leadership, volunteerism, and business successes with clients on social media.


OVERLAND PARK, Kan. (March 1, 2017) – The National Auctioneers Association has announced dates for 2017’s National Auctioneers Week (April 3-8), as well as details for its “Success with our #NAAPro” social media campaign activities that week. National Auctioneers Day is set for Saturday, April 8.

The goal is to seize upon and continue the momentum achieved by last year’s #auctionswork / #NAAPro incredibly successful hashtag campaign. The effort saw an unprecedented engagement level from members that resulted in more than 500,000 members of the general public seeing or hearing the message that auctions work, especially when managed by an NAA auction professional.

“Hundreds of thousands of people saw the #AuctionsWork / #NAAPro message in 2016, thanks fully to our members’ efforts,” said NAA President John Nicholls, AARE, AMM. “The campaign was wildly successful, and we’re excited that NAA members will follow it up with the message that they are appreciative, community-minded, asset solution leaders.”

Where the original message was to highlight the effectiveness of the auction method of marketing, members now are being asked to highlight their clients’ and customers’ successes. Members also will use Facebook and other social media to show their commitment to their communities, to charitable causes, and to their industry.

“The Promotions Committee again did great work in putting together a list of activities that will build on the momentum generated by the #auctionswork and #NAAPro campaign,” said Tim Mast, CAI, AARE, NAA Promotions Committee Chair. “The week is designed so that NAA members can gain exposure through the celebration of their clients, customers, businesses, and the auction industry through social media.

“We are really excited and looking forward to everyone’s participation.”

The activities list employs an easy but comprehensive promotional approach that involves press releases, video, personal interaction, social media, and encouraging NAA members to take part in advocacy efforts locally, regionally and nationally.

The week will look like this:

“Logo Monday” – Post the NAA Logo as your social media profile pie. Write a post about how excited you are that it is National Auctioneers Week. Tag it with #AuctionsWork and #NAAPro!

“Advocacy Tuesday” – Meet with your local, regional. and national government leaders. Share images and videos of your meeting. Get those proclamations ready early and be ready to share!

“Success Wednesday” – Show your clients love! Post photos and videos of your clients holding your “Success with our #NAAPro!” sign. Post: #AuctionsWork when facilitated by an #NAAPro!

“Philanthropy Thursday” – Share the video from NAA and St. Jude and highlight the organizations’ long relationship. Post the St. Jude donate link, and use those #NAAPro / #Auctionswork tags!

“Fun Fact Friday” – Let’s have some fun and share NAA-supplied auction fun facts! Or, post some of your own. Engage your audiences and use those hashtags!

“Celebration Saturday” – It’s National Auctioneers Day! Let’s honor your clients and customers by sharing a heartfelt message to them on your page. NAA will supply you with an example.


Additional information, links and tools will be made available regularly leading up to National Auctioneers Week. Questions?

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