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Auction E-News

This semi-monthly electronic newsletter for NAA Auctioneers provides readers with the latest industry and association news. Content includes links to educational webinars, information about upcoming NAA events, member and national news and more. If you're an NAA Auctioneer and you are not receiving your Auction E-News e-mails, .

Auctioneer Magazine

Since 1949, the NAA has published Auctioneer magazine, the industry's leading publication for the auction professional. Published 10 times a year, Auctioneer provides NAA Auctioneers with insightful content to help auctioneers advance their careers, grow their business, stay connected to the industry and remain competitive in an ever-changing auction marketplace. Articles in Auctioneer include legal advice, marketing tips, industry and state association news, member profiles and more.

NAA Newsroom

The NAA Newsroom allows members to view recent auction news from across the nation. Members can post the NAA Newsroom link on their individual or corporate websites.

Media Directories

Implementing public relations activities in your business can help expand your businesses' brand, as well as educate prospective clients and customers about your company. NAA Auctioneers have access to media directories for all 50 states. Media directories generally cost $50 to $100 per state. As a member, you have access to every state as part of your membership.

Media Relations Guide

Download a copy of our Media Relations Guidebook and start implementing public relations into your daily business. Hiring public relations consultants can be costly. Our guidebook provides easy-to-understand instructions on how to educate the media and their audiences about your business and auction industry.

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