5 Ways to Make Your NAA Conference and Show Dream a Reality

Columbus in 2017 is within your reach, and doing so could change your whole career. Registration opens March 1.

By Nancy Hull Rigdon, contributor

Are you thinking about attending the 2017 NAA International Auctioneers’ Conference & Show but unsure how to make it a reality? We have your solution.

Actually, we have five solutions. But first, you must do one thing: Commit now to making attendance a priority.
It sounds cliché, but members will tell you from their own experiences that Conference & Show is career and life-changing. However, those same folks also understand that it’s a time commitment and a cost – one that pays dividends. But, to make those dividends attainable, Auctioneers must start preparing now. With proper planning, it can be very manageable.

Want to attend? Follow these steps:

NAA Conference and Show reality step No. 1. Block the dates like an auction
Go to your calendar and mark July 11-15 as the dates you’ll be in Columbus, Ohio, for Conference & Show. Treat this as a booked auction or any other important calendar item.

NAA Conference and Show reality step No. 2. Ease the cost
You don’t have to pay for Conference & Show in one lump sum right before the event. The NAA offers a payment plan as well as an early bird discount. If you take advantage of these options, you can better focus on Conference & Show and all of its advantages as the event nears. Look for pricing and availability updates from NAA in email, mailed pieces and from the NAA Facebook page!

NAA Conference and Show reality step No. 3. Find a travel buddy
Sharing gas costs as well as hotel bills can significantly shrink your travel budget. Plus, everything is more fun with a friend.

NAA Conference and Show reality step No. 4. Pair Conference & Show with a family vacation
Since you’ll already be traveling away from home, extend the benefits of Conference & Show by tacking a family adventure onto the trip. See the sights in Columbus with your family, or look at the map and determine what spots make sense to hit with family before or after the NAA event.

NAA Conference and Show reality step No. 5. Remember – some is better than none
Can’t swing five days away? No problem – if you can’t commit to the whole conference, reap the benefits of attending just one or two days by taking advantage of NAA’s one-day and two-day passes.

Following these steps can have long-term career benefits. With each Conference and Show, you’ll walk away with a new tip or relationship that can help further your auction career.
For example, a quick lesson at the Tech Bar can take what’s now a three-hour task to a 10-minute task. Or, learning about another member’s operations can lead you to outsource a service and increase efficiency.
The bigger picture is that members are there and are essentially opening up their play books and sharing everything with those willing to learn. That level of networking at Conference & Show is invaluable and can mean a significant portion of a regular attendee’s business can be tied to relationships built at the event.

The thought is if someone is going to do business with you, they have to like you. And they can’t like you unless they know you and your business. It really is all about getting out and getting to know people – something guaranteed not to happen if someone stays at home. With all of that in mind, the opportunities at Conference & Show can seem endless. And, missing out on those opportunities can be far more costly than the financial investment for a few days.

If you’re still on the Conference & Show fence, envision the results of breaking free of what can seem like isolation throughout a year for those who are self-employed. If you spend most of your time in my office by yourself, you can feel disconnected. Conference and Show is a perfect remedy and will have you feeling connected, rejuvenated and refocused.

Beginning March 1, regularly, check out conferenceandshow.com for updates.