Press Release Templates

Have news to share? Use an NAA press release template! Select the template that suits your news best. Download it and fill out ALL information with your details where necessary. Make sure you've saved your file, and you're ready to send your great news to your buyers, sellers, media lists ... anyone you want! (NOTE: By downloading and using any NAA logos and/or of the following files, you agree that you have permission to use them - in the case of  logos and designation materials, especially - and that the content accurately reflects your experiences with the National Auctioneers Association.)



I just earned my:
   AARE press release
   AMM  press release
   BAS  press release
   CES  press release
   GPPA  press release 
   MPPA  press release

I just finished:
   CAI III press release
   CAI II press release
   CAI I press release

I attended NAA Pre-Conference Education