NAA database makes finding an auction professional easy

The auction industry’s influence on other parts of big business – including real estate, personal property, art, and more – continues to populate headlines. Part of that influence is because buyers and sellers keep searching for ways to make efficient transactions at true market value.

With this consumer interest in mind, the National Auctioneers Association offers a search function that allows NAA auction professionals to easily be searched based on any number of criteria in the NAA’s “Find an NAA Auction Professional” national database.
Easily noticed in the gold button at the top of every page at, the database is open to the general public. With a quick click of a mouse, consumers and potential clients can search for NAA auction professionals by name, company, specialty (antiques, appraisals, real estate, boats, coins, etc.), location, or even by NAA designation.

The design is easy to use and the results remove a lot of guesswork for consumers. Those characteristics can lead a person to bypass well-known search engines.

“I talked to a guy who has North Carolina real estate for sale,” said Mark Rogers, CAI, AARE, of Mt. Airy, North Carolina. “I asked him how he found me and expected him to say ‘I start with Google.’ He said, ‘I always start my search for Auctioneers at!’”

Consumers are able to do their homework by clicking on NAA members’ profiles and determining which individual may best suit their specific needs.

Customized auction professional list

When someone searches for an NAA auction professional, the database creates a custom list of searchable profiles based on selection criteria. Consumers are then able to do their homework by clicking on NAA members’ profiles and determining which individual may best suit their specific needs.

The profile can contain pictures, bios, specialties, and contact information – all of which can build an initial rapport and comfort level.

One of the newest features of the database is that it is now searchable by designations. If a profile is missing that information, you may lose out on the sort of opportunity that came to auction professional Trisha Brauer, CAI, BAS.

“I received a phone call from a potential client,” Brauer said. “At the end of the interview, I asked how they found my company.

“They had been told to check the NAA website, and they did. They did a search for Auctioneers in the area, and my name was the one that came up with a BAS designation, which is what she had been told to look for.”

For Brauer, there was no doubting the importance of having her designations up-to-date and included with her profile.

“Only reason I got the gig,” she said.

To start your search for an NAA auction professional, visit and click the gold button at the top of the page.