2020 Award Recipients

Entry fees

$20 per regular entry
$40 per entry for Campaign of the Year

Contest deadline

February 14, 2020

Entry process

In 2020, certain categories will be allowed to submit digitally. This typically applies to video and audio content, but the entry form will outline exactly which categories will be eligible

Judging method

Judging will be based on standards of excellence. Your entry will not be judged against others, but on whether or not it meets a certain set criteria in three different levels. Winners will be awarded trophies for platinum, and gold level, and honorable mentions will receive certificates. Anything that does not meet the minimum standards of excellence will not receive an award.

Conference & Show Marketing Competition Reception

Awarded trophies will be shipped right before Conference so that members receive them upon returning home, and placeholders will be used for photo ops at the Marketing Competition Reception at Conference & Show, sponsored by USA TODAY.

Click here to view the 2019 Marketing Competition winners press release.

Creative marketing and advertising in the auction industry is essential when it comes to the success and growth of an auction company.

Presented in partnership with USA TODAY, the NAA Marketing Competition allows NAA Auction Professionals the opportunity to showcase their innovative creations over the past year while vying for top awards for their marketing and advertising materials.

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