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Achieving Success with Internet Only Auctions

There’s more than one way to conduct an online only auction, but continued success only comes when you know all the ins and outs. This class discusses the four prevailing online auction models being used by successful online auction companies and how to determine which model is the best fit your business. You’ll learn how to successfully implement online auctions into your business model and the best practices, innovations, trends, and near-future strategies for online auctions.

Upon completing this class, you will be able to:
  1. Identify the benefits, risks, and challenges associated with online auctions
  2. Describe the prevailing online auction methods and technologies being used today
  3. Determine whether online auctions are a good fit for your business and which model to explore
  4. Explore what forward-thinking companies are planning for the near future of online auctions

About the instructor

Chris Rasmus, CAI, AMM

Chris Rasmus is CEO of R. L. Rasmus Auctioneers, Rasmus Asset Advisors and Rasmus Online Auctions. He is a 1977 graduate of Mendenhall Auction School, 1983 Graduate of Virginia Tech, 1996 VAA president, 2000 NAA Conference and Show chairman and 2010 VAA Hall of fame recipient.

Chris is a past member of the CAI board of governors and CAI technology technology instructor.In 1999 Rasmus Auctioneers moved their auction model from traditional outcry auctions to internet only auctions. In 2011 completed 380 auctions and the it is on track for 450 auctions in 2012. In the face of increased competition, shrinking attendance and rising advertising costs, it is more important than ever to maximize efficiencies to improve your bottom line.  Chris will show you how to utilize the tools and techniques of the 21 century to create new business opportunities, higher gross sales and net profits.

Chris will explain the straight forward processes and simple steps to reenergize your auction business in the face of competition from tag sales, craigslist, ebay and internet sales This half day session will show you how to harnessed the power of the internet and technology to work smarter, not harder.