CAI I Classes


Building a Lucrative Real Estate Auction Business

You can be a top producer in real estate auctions with the right tools and training. This class will show you how to not only train your market to use the auction method for selling real estate as a first resort, but also how to break into new markets to diversify your income and leverage each auction. You will walk away with step-by-step processes on how to sign your first real estate auction or how to increase your current real estate business. Enhance your personal and corporate image and confidently walk into any real estate appointment!

Upon completing this class, you will be able to:
  1. Identify your niche and conduct seminars to become the go-to auction expert in your area
  2. Build processes to manage your real estate business and implement your brand
  3. Describe how to find real estate sellers and become a master prospector
  4. Identify good real estate auction opportunities and the best sales techniques to win the contract
  5. Streamline your real estate auction business for bigger profits

About the Instructors

Barbara Bonnette, CAI | Bonnette Auction Co., LLC
Beth Rose, CAI, AARE, AMM | Beth Rose Real Estate & Auctions, LLC