CAI I Classes

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Increasing Business Productivity and Efficiency

Time is important, to you, your team, and your client. Since time is a non-renewable resource, increasing your productivity is vital and efficiency is an important skill to master. This class will teach you how to become even more efficient with your most valuable resource, your time. Filled with real world strategies and solutions, the class will position you to set stretch goals and turn those goals into reality. Unlock your potential whether you are growing your business, downsizing, or simply wanting a better balance of the time you invest.

Upon completing this class, you will be able to:
  1. Discover the power of organizing time and resources to focus on top priorities
  2. Use systems and procedures to be a better auction professional and expand your efficiency
  3. Leverage outsourcing strategies to meet your organizational and professional goals
  4. Create and implement a focused plan to ensure priority tasks are done and priority people are well served

About the instructor

David Hart, CAI, AARE | Rowell Auctions, Inc.