CAI III Classes

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Utilizing and Protecting Data as an Asset

With great data comes great responsibility. You have tremendous opportunity to transform your auction business with data, but that value comes with a share of risk. We will explore the value of collecting and using data, so your data becomes a valuable business and marketing asset, and the risk of collecting and using data, so your data meets regulations and keeps you out of trouble. You will walk away with a guide to understanding the value and risk associated with the use of data in your auction business.

Upon completing this class, you will be able to:
  1. Describe what is and is not personally identifiable data
  2. Identify what regulations exist in the collection, retention, and use of data
  3. Incorporate best practices into your business for using and safeguarding data
  4. Describe the trends and convergence of data use and regulation

About the instructor

John D. Schultz, AMM | Grafe Auction Co.