2021 CAI Virtual FAQs

Why was this event turned into a virtual event instead of being hosted in Bloomington, Indiana?

The COVID-19 crisis has made hosting an in-person event impossible. The city of Bloomington imposed strict gathering limitations that prevents us from holding an in-person event. With no known end date for the gathering limitations and your health and safety of utmost importance to us, the NAA Board of Directors, Education Institute Trustees, and CAI Committee made the decision to go virtual in order to deliver the most value currently possible to CAI students and avoid a second cancelled CAI year. We know that a virtual program cannot completely replicate the networking and fellowship value that comes from the in-person event. We also know that there are creative and engaging ways to network and fellowship virtually beyond your typically virtual classroom. We look forward to seeing you all virtually March 21-25, 2021!


How do I cancel my hotel and flight reservations?

The NAA has cancelled hotel reservations and will process lodging fee refunds as appropriate in January 2021 with no penalties and no additional action required. Please direct questions or concerns to education@auctioneers.org .

Most airlines are working with customers to modify or cancel flights more leniently during this crisis. Please contact the appropriate airline directly.

I already registered for CAI in Bloomington. When do I need to decide if I want to move that registration to the virtual event, or cancel?

Your current registration will automatically be transferred and applied to the virtual event in January 2021, unless you notify staff otherwise.

If you prefer not to attend the virtual event, you may choose to have your registration fees applied to CAI 2022, or request a full refund in writing to education@auctioneers.org . The typical $50 cancellation administrative fee is waived for CAI 2021.

How do I register for the virtual event?

If you previously registered for CAI, your registration will automatically be transferred as noted above. If you were not previously registered, you may register for the virtual event by Friday, March 12, 2021, a week before CAI, to participate in the live virtual event. Participation in all live, virtual classes is required to complete your CAI 2021 year.

Registering for the virtual class(es) signifies that you agree to the class Terms & Conditions

If you have any questions regarding registration please email us at education@auctioneers.org or call 913-541-8084

If I register for the virtual event and am unable to attend, can I get a refund? Will there be a cancellation fee? What is the deadline to cancel?

Although CAI is becoming a virtual event in 2021, real-time participation is required in the virtual environment. Some of the classes will be recorded for on demand viewing afterwards, but live virtual participation in each class is required to complete your CAI 2021 year. That said, if you feel you need a refund, please contact education@auctioneers.org  no later than 5 p.m. CT on March 12, 2021. The typical $50 cancellation administrative fee is waived for CAI 2021. Cancellations will not be available after March 12, 2021.

Will I receive confirmation of my registration?

Yes. New registrants will receive their confirmation within three business days. Existing registrations, refer above.

How much does it cost to attend virtually?

The four-day virtual event is valued at the same price as a regular CAI registration of $1,370. However, the NAA has permanently extended the early bird pricing discount for 2021, making registration $1,270. This includes all live virtual content and on-demand content. 

Why is virtual registration the same price as the in-person event, when we won’t be getting the same product?

The NAA understands that a virtual CAI experience is not the same as an in-person CAI experience. That said, we believe strongly in the value of a virtual product.

While the experiences are not the same, there are trade-offs in value between the two experiences.

  • The virtual event provides an opportunity to start or continue your CAI program without risking additional COVID exposures by gathering in person. 
  • The virtual event provides access to the same high-quality instructors and education content as the in-person event, including virtual interaction and networking beyond the virtual classroom with other students and instructors.
  • The virtual event requires no additional travel/hotel expense to participate and allows you to access recorded classes on demand after the live virtual days.
  • Because you can participate in the virtual conference from the convenience of your home, office, or another location, your time off work and away from family will be less than if you travelled to an in-person event. 

Can I still utilize a payment plan?

Yes. Payment plans can be requested via paper registration forms submitted to education@auctioneers.org  or received at NAA Headquarters via mail by February 25, 2021.


How long is the virtual CAI?

The virtual event is scheduled for the same days as the in-person CAI was scheduled - Sunday, March 21 through Thursday, March 25, 2021. Plan your schedule as though you were out of the office and unavailable for anything other than CAI during this time. Generally speaking, virtual CAI classes will take place 9:00 am through 5:30 pm, CENTRAL time, with several short and long breaks throughout the day. Evening social, networking, and fellowship events will take place at least one evening during the week (more information coming soon).

What is a virtual event/conference?

A virtual event is a learning and networking event that takes place only online. The instructors and students are in many locations. Virtual events provide greater flexibility with content structures and timelines. It is not an exact replica of an in-person event, but it provides much of the same value and even additional value as an in-person event.

Do I have to attend the entire event?

Participation in all live, virtual classes is required to complete your CAI 2021 year. Because your registration includes access to recorded sessions after the live virtual days, you can go back to rewatch on demand anything that was especially important to you.

Do I have to attend every day, all day to get my CE?

The continuing education (CE) credits for the virtual CAI classes are awarded for completion of the CAI program year as a whole. You will receive CE credits after attending all live virtual classes for your CAI Class curriculum. You can find your virtual CAI certificate of completion in NAA's Online Education Center

Do I have access to all of the CAI education classes?

You will have access to all the education classes for your CAI Class and all virtual social and networking activities are also included in your registration.

Can I ask questions during the classes?

Yes! Each class will be a live virtual class with cameras on and microphones able to be unmuted to have real-time discussions during class and even in small groups. NAA is working with each virtual class instructor to help transition the in-person class content to interactive and engaging virtual class content.

Can my computer or mobile device handle the virtual event?

Yes. To have the best possible virtual experience, be sure you’re accessing the virtual event with a strong internet connection. If others are using the same internet connection as you are, you may need a stronger bandwidth. Contact your internet provider to determine your individual internet needs for the best experience or ask others not to use the same internet connection as you while you’re participating in the live virtual event. You may also wish to view detailed system requirements  or to test your system  prior to the virtual event.

What do I need to do on the day of the event? How do I log into the event?

Log into the NAA website with your NAA account credentials. Hover over the "Education" menu item across the top and select the "NAA Online Education Center." You are welcome to log into the virtual CAI event  beginning March 15, 2021 to look around and add virtual classes to your calendar. You may also wish to join the Virtual CAI Orientation session a month before the event for more detailed information on getting the most out of your virtual experience. 

Can I access and view recordings of any education class from the event?

As long as the class was part of your CAI Class I, II, or III registration, and it was a recorded class, you can view any of those class recordings on demand after the live virtual days. The recorded education classes for all CAI Classes will be added to the NAA Online Education Center for free viewing to any current CAI designation holder.

Do I need a webcam and microphone for the event?

Yes, a webcam and microphone are necessary for this event. The virtual classes and some virtual networking activities each day will require your camera and/or microphone to be turned on to participate and get the most out of your virtual experience.

Can I gather together in-person with others in my class to participate in the virtual CAI program?

NAA is hosting and offering a virtual-only CAI program in 2021. NAA is not hosting or sponsoring any in-person gatherings during CAI week. That being said, the beauty of a virtual program is that it can be “attended” from almost anywhere. Some students in some of the classes may decide they want to “attend” the virtual CAI program together in person at some physical location of their choosing. Any in-person gatherings are not a formal part of the CAI program in 2021 and the NAA is not involved in any in-person gatherings that any CAI students chose to do on their own during CAI week in March.

If you chose to gather in-person to participate in the virtual CAI program, be sure you:

  • Log into and join the virtual event with your own unique join link and from your own internet-capable device (preferably a laptop or desktop computer and not a mobile device or tablet)
  • Have your own camera turned on and have personal headphones/microphone to avoid audio echoing and avoid picking up audio from others in the same room
  • Have a strong internet connection with enough bandwidth to stream videos with multiple users connected to the same internet connection
  • Practice safe social distancing and mask-wearing where appropriate, following any local regulations and mandates
  • If utilizing a main screen to stream the virtual class platform to a room of students, have a devoted, wired internet line to the presenting/streaming computer and still log in from your personal device to participate with your own camera and microphone 

For additional details and assistance, call NAA at 913-541-8084 or email us at education@auctioneers.org .