2022 Events Calendar
January February March April
CAI 2022 Interest Meeting
Jan. 11

Community Conversation: Benefit Auctioneers
Jan. 12

Community Conversation: Marketing & Management
Jan. 26
'Tech Tool How-To' Virtual Workshop: Google Ads from A-Z
Feb. 3

Marketing Competition Deadline
Feb. 15

Digital Marketing Summit
Fort Worth, Texas
Feb. 21-22
Springhill Suites Historic Stockyards
Certified Auctioneers Institute
Bloomington, Indiana
March 20-24
Business Productivity Coaching program begins

'Tech Tool How-To' Virtual Workshop: Google Analytics GA4
May June July August
National Auctioneers Week & Day
May 2-7
  Benefit Auction Summit
San Diego, California
July 26-28

Pre-Conference Education
San Diego, California
July 24-26

Conference & Show
San Diego, California
July 26-30
'Tech Tool How-To' Virtual Workshop: Google Conversion Tracking
September October November December
Business Productivity Coaching program ends Data Forum

'Tech Tool How-To' Virtual Workshop: Google SEO
  Designation Academy
Las Vegas, Nevada
Dec. 5-9
2022 State Events Calendar
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January February March April
Wyoming Convention
Jan. 6-8
Ohio Conference & Contest
Jan. 7-8
Pennsylvania Conference, Trade Show & Contest
Jan. 11-14
Minnesota Winter Conference
Jan. 13-15
POSTPONED North Carolina Convention & Contests

Jan. 14-15
Virginia Convention
Jan. 14-15
Kansas Winter Convention
Jan. 14-16
Kentucky Convention & Contests
Jan. 20-23
Maryland Winter Conference & Contest
Jan. 21-22
Mile High Auctioneer Open Bid Calling Contest
Jan. 22
Michigan Conference & Contests
Jan. 26-28
Montana Convention
Jan. 28-29
Georgia Convention & Contests
Jan. 29-31
Iowa Convention
Feb. 3-5
Arkansas Convention & Contests
Feb. 3-6
Colorado Convention
Feb. 3-6
Wisconsin Conference
Feb. 4-6
New York Convention
Feb. 5-7
Oklahoma Convention & Contests
Feb. 10-13
Illinois Conference & Trade Show
Feb. 11-13
West Virginia Convention
Feb. 25-26
  Nebraska Convention
April 29 - May 1
May June July August
  Texas Convention & Contest
June 16-19 

Battle of the Bluegrass
Aug. 19-20
Alabama Convention & Contests
Aug. 28-29
September October November December