2021 Real Estate Workshop Hybrid Event FAQs

What is a hybrid event?

A hybrid event is an event that has both an in-person and virtual audience. As you can imagine, an in-person auction is not the same experience as an online auction. So is the same for an in-person and virtual conference.

The in-person audience’s experience will begin on Tuesday, December 7 with the Welcome reception at 5:00 pm, Pacific time, followed by a full day of education. Bonus: In-person attendees who register will also have access to the virtual event and recordings via online connection.

The virtual audience experience will begin on Wednesday, December 8 with an informal Coffee & Conversation virtual networking event. Attendees will have access to 6 education sessions via live simulcast and a couple social and networking virtual gatherings. Register by December 7 to gain instant access to the Virtual Workshop on opening day.

Special deal: On-demand recordings will be available for all registered attendees (in person and virtual) one week after conclusion of the workshop through June 2022.


How do I register for the in-person/virtual event?

To register you can click here.  If you have any questions regarding registration please email us at education@auctioneers.org or call 913-541-8084 

If I register for the event and am unable to attend, can I get a refund? Will there be a cancellation fee? What is the deadline to cancel?

One of the benefits of a hybrid event is that if you are unable to attend live or in-person, you still have access to the virtual and on-demand content through the end of the year. Thus, the value of registration remains. That said, if you feel you need a refund, please contact education@auctioneers.org no later than 5 p.m. CT on November 24, 2021. A $50 cancellation administrative fee will be applied to all cancellations. Cancellations will not be available after November 24, 2021.

Will I receive confirmation of my registration?

Yes. You should receive confirmation within three business days of registering.

If I register for the in-person event, will I have access to the virtual event?

In-person registrants, who register by December 7, will have access to the virtual workshop on opening day. After December 7, access the post event on-demand recordings approximately one week after the conclusion of the virtual event. On-demand recordings will be available through June 2022.

I am an NAA member, can I register a company employee at the member rate?

NAA members who have registered to attend the summit (either in person or virtual) may register a non-member company employee from the same office location (either in person or virtual) at the NAA member rate. Additionally, 5 or more registrants from the same company may take 5% off the total registration cost and 10 or more registrants may take 10% off the total registration cost. You must complete a PDF form and send it to education@auctioneers.org  to take advantage of these offers.

Are there scholarships available for attendees?

There are no scholarships available for the Real Estate Workshop. Visit auctioneersfoundation.org to learn more about scholarships available for other education events.

How do I book a hotel reservation?

In-person attendees may book a hotel reservation online by November 17, 2021. The NAA discounted rate is $85 single/double occupancy (plus taxes and fees) for Mon.-Thurs. nights until November 17, 2021, or when the inventory of rooms is sold out, whichever comes first, and is based on availability at the time of booking. A valid credit card is required to book a reservation.


What do I need to do on the day of the event? How do I log into the event?

Log into the NAA website with your NAA account credentials. Hover over the "Education" menu item across the top and select the "NAA Online Education Center." You are welcome to log into the virtual event beginning December 1 to look around and add virtual sessions to your calendar.

How long is the virtual event?

The virtual event is scheduled from 8:00 am through 5:00 pm, PACIFIC time, on Wednesday, December 8, 2021. The content is also available on demand through June 2022.  

How much does it cost to attend virtually?

The virtual event is valued at the same price as the in-person event early bird rate: $255 for NAA Members. This includes live content and on-demand content through June 2022. 

If you are unable to attend any of the 2021 Real Estate Workshop Hybrid Event live, you may still register for on-demand access to the event. Just register for the conference and access the event recordings on demand. 

Why is virtual registration the same price as in-person registration, when we won’t be getting the same product?

The virtual event cannot include the same food and beverage opportunities as the in-person summit, so we've included additional virtual-only sessions to your program.

We believe strongly in the value of a virtual product. While a virtual event does not have the same experience as the in-person event, there are trade-offs in value between the two experiences.

  • The virtual event provides access to the same high-quality speakers and education content as the in-person event, including virtual interaction and networking with other attendees and the speakers.
  • The virtual event requires no additional travel/hotel expense to participate and allows you to access the entire virtual event on demand for several months after the live virtual days.
  • Because you can participate in the virtual event from the convenience of your home, office, or on the go, you are not required to take significant time off work or away from family in order to attend, and you have the option to re-watch the virtual event on demand if you are unable to participate in all the live virtual activities each day.

What is a virtual event/workshop?

A virtual workshop is a learning and networking event that takes place only online. The speakers and attendees are in many locations. Virtual events provide greater flexibility with content structures and timelines. It is not an exact replica of an in-person event, but it provides much of the same value as and even additional value to an in-person event.

Do I have to attend the entire event?

You do not have to attend the entire virtual event. Because your registration includes on-demand access to the virtual event through June 2022, you can participate in as many or few live virtual activities as you’d like. At your convenience, you can go back to view on demand anything you missed live or re-watch on demand anything that was especially relevant to you. 

How is the agenda chosen? Education sessions?

The NAA Staff and the Real Estate Workshop Task Force worked together to identify the most valuable experiences and education that could be included in our first-ever hybrid workshop. We are continually evaluating our events and working to provide the best value possible. We welcome your feedback for even better virtual experiences and value in the post-event survey!

Do I have to attend every day, all day to get my CE?

The continuing education (CE) credits for the virtual event sessions are awarded on a per-session basis. You do not have to attend each session during the live virtual time; you may attend on-demand instead. You will receive CE credits for each individual session you attend. You can find your virtual event session certificates of completion in NAA's Online Education Center .  

Do I have access to all of the educational sessions?

You will have access to all the education sessions and virtual activities that are included in your registration.

Can I choose what education sessions I want to attend?

Absolutely. You are in complete control of the sessions in which you’d like to participate. Also, you will have access to the On Demand sessions beginning a week after the live virtual session through June 2022.

As a virtual attendee, can I ask questions during the session?

Yes! Each session will have a chat window where you can text-chat with the speakers and other session participants, asking questions throughout the session.

Can my computer or mobile device handle the virtual event?

Yes. To have the best possible virtual experience, be sure you’re accessing the virtual event with a strong internet connection. If others are using the same internet connection as you are, you may need a stronger bandwidth. Contact your internet provider to determine your individual internet needs for the best experience or ask others not to use the same internet connection as you while you’re participating in the live virtual event. You may also wish to view detailed system requirements  or to test your system  prior to the virtual event.

Can I access and view recordings of any session from the summit?

As long as the session was part of your registration package, you can view any of those session recordings on demand through June 2022.

Do I need a webcam for the event?

No, a webcam is not necessary for this event, but it is encouraged for some of the more interactive sessions. There are some virtual networking activities each day where your camera and/or microphone may be allowed. If so, it will be completely optional for you to utilize them or not.

For additional details and assistance, call NAA at 913-541-8084 or email us at education@auctioneers.org.