Virtual GPPA FAQs 


How do I register for the virtual class(s)?

You may register for the virtual class up to the day before the virtual class (based on availability) to participate in the live event. To register you can click here . Please note that each virtual class is limited to 30 registrants.

Registering for the virtual class signifies that you agree to the class Terms & Conditions

If you have any questions regarding registration please email us at or call 913-541-8084

If I register for the virtual class and am unable to attend, can I get a refund? Will there be a cancellation fee? What is the deadline to cancel?

If you feel you need a refund, please contact no later than 4:30 p.m. CT on September 30, 2021. The typical $50 cancellation administrative fee is waived for these classes. Cancellations will not be available after , 2021.

Will I receive confirmation of my registration?

Yes. If you register for the class(s) online, you should receive confirmation immediately. If your registration is processed through headquarters, you should receive confirmation within three business days of processing.



How long is the virtual class?

The virtual class is scheduled  Thursday through Monday, October 7-11, 10:00 am - 6:30 pm, Central time. Multiple breaks will be provided throughout each day. The content will be available on demand for only the virtual live day participants through December 31, 2021.

How much does it cost to attend virtually?

The GPPA class is $935 for members and $1260 for non-members. Class materials will be provided as PDFs. 

Why is virtual class registration the same price as the onsite event, when we won’t be getting the same product?

While a virtual class does not have the same experience as an in-person class, there are trade-offs in value between the two experiences.

  • The virtual class provides the same continuing education credit opportunities as the in-person class allows.
  • The virtual class provides access to the same high-quality instructors and education content as the in-person class, including virtual interaction and networking with other virtual participants.
  • The virtual class requires no additional travel/hotel expense to participate and allows you to access the entire virtual class on demand for 90 days after the live virtual days.
  • Because you can participate in the virtual class from the convenience of your home, office, or on the go, you are not required to take significant time off work or away from family in order to attend, and you have the option to rewatch the virtual class recordings on demand for review after you participate in the live virtual class days. 

Do I have to attend the entire event?

Yes, you do need to attend the entire live virtual class. You will have on-demand access to review the recorded class afterwards through December 31, 2021, but live virtual participation is required.

Do I have to attend every day, all day to get my CE?

The continuing education (CE) credits for the virtual class(es) will be awarded for your completion of the entire live virtual class across all days.

Can my computer or mobile device handle the virtual class?

Yes. To have the best possible virtual experience, be sure you’re accessing the virtual class with a strong internet connection. If others are using the same internet connection as you are, you may need a stronger bandwidth. Contact your internet provider to determine your individual internet needs or ask others not to use the same internet connection as you while you’re participating in the live virtual event.

While the virtual class can be accessed through a mobile device, we recommend using a computer to participate in the virtual class for the best possible experience and virtual interaction with the instructors and other participants.

You may also wish to view detailed system requirements  or to test your system  prior to the virtual class.

What do I need to do on the day of the event? How do I log into the event?

Log into the NAA website with your NAA account credentials. Hover over the "Education" menu item across the top and select the "NAA Online Education Center."  Then click the title of the course to access the virtual course links and materials.

Do I need a webcam or microphone for the virtual class?

A computer microphone or phone line is required for this event. You will be asked to participate verbally in some virtual activities each day where you will be asked to unmute your microphone or phone and speak.

A webcam is not necessary for this event, but it is strongly encouraged. You will have the opportunity to use your camera each day, but it will be completely optional for you to share your camera video.

For additional details and assistance, call NAA at 913-541-8084 or email us at