Implementing Consultative Negotiation Techniques

In this workshop, we will begin by using questions to uncover customer needs using a variant of the SPIN technique developed by Neil Rackham. You will work in groups to identify ways to uncover client needs through the structured process. Then we will look at the types of negotiations that businesses often encounter and how to predict and prepare for them using a tool developed by David Fleming and Jon Hawes of Indiana State University. We will finish with some roleplay scenarios to practice the concepts of consultative questioning and adaptive negotiations.

Upon completing this class, you will be able to:

  1. Describe and apply the SPIN-OFF consultative questioning technique to uncover client needs
  2. Summarize the types of negotiations faced in business and associated terminology
  3. Utilize the Adaptive Negotiations Scorecard to determine the type of negotiating situation
  4. Implement the concepts of consultative questioning and adaptive negotiations


About the Instructor

David Fleming, Ph.D.

David Fleming was born and raised in central Florida and received a bachelor’s degree in psychology (2002), MBA in marketing and finance (2005), and Ph.D. in marketing with a focus in sales (2010) from the University of South Florida. He has taught marketing and sales at USF, Eastern Illinois University and Indiana State University. He took over as the director of the Sales and Negotiations Center in the Scott College of Business at Indiana State University in 2015 has grown the program in size and national prominence over the last decade. His focus in research is enhancing salesperson performance and sales training/pedagogy including improving salesperson negotiating ability. He has been the recipient of numerous awards for both teaching and research at the local and national level.