Auction Marketing Management

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Making your marketing more effective and relevant is key to advancing your auction business – from exposure to profits. You must create and implement a comprehensive marketing strategy with modern techniques. This course is designed to take your business to a marketing level beyond a simple website to implementing effective targeted marketing strategies using various channels. You will learn how to improve marketing campaigns, digital ads, audience targeting, brand identity and search engine optimization (SEO), as well as manage your reputation, conduct data-based market research and effectively utilize dynamic digital tools.

Upon completing this course, you will be able to:

  1. Describe your marketplace and brand identity and how it impacts your business and marketing
  2. Define a comprehensive marketing strategy utilizing modern techniques for any media form
  3. Implement effective media and auction marketing content best practices 
  4. Put into practice systems and processes to improve efficiencies
  5. Effectively use digital tools and data to complete applicable market research
  6. Analyze data to improve current and future marketing campaigns
  7. Determine when and how to use paid and organic marketing channels
  8. Improve digital content and targeting for increased search engine optimization (SEO) and website engagement

Who should invest in attending this course?

  • Professionals who have some exposure to marketing, whether as a marketing professional or as the business principal responsible for marketing
  • Professionals who have taken this course before and want a refresher to implement more or to bring another colleague along to attend

Requirements for the AMM Designation

  • Be a member of the NAA
  • Register for and attend all 20 hours of the AMM designation class
  • Within two years of completing the class, submit a written case study summary containing the following:
    • Marketing Project and Business Impact (select ONE option below)
      • Option A: Organic content creation
        • Provide organic content examples
        • Include 2-3 paragraphs stating the goal of the organic content, if the goal was achieved or not (supported with data), and how it has impacted your/the business
      • Option B: Targeted marketing campaign
        • Provide marketing content examples
        • Include 2-3 paragraphs stating who was targeted, why that target was chosen, if it was successful or not (supported with data), and how it has impacted your/the business
      • Option C: New or improved system/workflow
        • Provide screen capture images and/or charts
        • Include 2-3 paragraphs of why it was implemented, if it was successful or not (supported with data), and how it has impacted your/the business
      • Option D: Marketing strategy/goal
        • Provide strategy/goal and metrics used to measure it
        • Include 2-3 paragraphs of why the strategy/goal and metrics were chosen, if it was successful or not (supported with data), and how it has impacted your/the business<
    • Self-Assessment
      • For the option you selected above, include 2-3 paragraphs about what you would change or not change and why, if you could do the project over again.
    • Additional Implementation
      • Include 2-3 paragraphs about additional processes and/or projects you learned about in class that you have implemented and the impact it had on your/the business and/or on you as an auction professional.
  • To maintain the designation you must:
    • Be a member of the NAA
    • Pay the annual designation dues of $35 by October 31
    • Complete 24 hours of continuing education (CE) every three years


What AMM can do for you

Earning any designation demonstrates your commitment to continuing education both to the public and members of the industry. It also enables members to network with like-minded individuals in the classroom and through additional networking events, but here are some specific benefits of an AMM designation.

John Schultz, AMM says that the AMM designation opens the doors to a world of auction professionals that are dedicated to advancing the auction marketing methods in a manner that is consistent with marketing trends from outside the auction industry. It allows students networking opportunities with a group of individuals that routinely challenge and push each other to a better marketing professional. 

“The primary benefit I found in AMM is that it pushes you to “unlearn” wrong assumptions and unhealthy habits. While the tools taught there are leading edge for the auction industry, the biggest thing you’ll learn is the strategic process of evaluating the marketplace for your seller’s assets (or nonprofit’s cause) and matching your approach to the what’s and whys that would bring motivated bidders to the process,” says Ryan George, AMM.

“By implementing the techniques, you can learn in AMM, auctioneers more than double their commissions and expand their bidder base as much as 400%. Multiple people have told me about record website traffic and a wave of bidders new to the auction process at their events” Says Schultz.

AMM Instructors

Sara M. Rose Bytnar, CAI, AARE, AMM, BAS | Beth Rose Real Estate & Auctions, LLC
Billie Jo Schultz, CAI, AMM | Auction Marketing Partners
John D. Schultz, AMM | Grafe Auction Co.

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