The Psychology of Marketing: Implementing Game-Changing Marketing Secrets Now!

Speaker: Lauren Shippy

Every auction company needs marketing in order to grow. In fact, it could be argued that as an auction company, you're actually a marketing agency! But before you can effectively reach the right buyers for the assets you sell, you have to truly understand them. In this session, we’ll walk through a workshop style process that will help you uncover the details related to how to reach the right buyers. You’ll walk away with clarity on what motivates bidders to take action, key marketing channels based on the assets you're selling, and brand awareness strategies that will attract even more sellers who trust you with the sale of their assets. 

Upon completing this session, you will be able to:
     1. Accurately describe the different motivations of your target audience groups: bidders, buyers, and sellers
     2. Leverage user experience (UX) strategies to identify gaps in service and messaging
     3. Identify the most impactful channels to reach your customers based on the assets they are selling 
     4. Integrate the psychology of marketing to create messaging that converts
     5. Create content that builds trust with sellers/consignors, putting their auction house top of mind when a potential client has assets to sell 


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