Brand Harmony

Living Your Brand in Every Customer Interaction

Speaker: Steve Yastrow

“Brand” – it’s one of the most misunderstood, misused words in the business world. Most companies think branding is something they can “do” to their customers … as if they can change customers’ minds just by flooding the marketplace with marketing and sales messages. But the reality is different. You don’t brand your customers, your customers brand you. As customers interact with you, they form impressions that motivate them either to commit more deeply to you, or to avoid working with you. Your brand is not what you say you are, it is what your customers think you are. This is a particularly important issue for benefit auctioneers, since our personal identities and brands are so closely connected. Benefit auctioneers are living their brand every minute of every day.

In this workshop, Steve Yastrow will teach us how to create experiences of “Brand Harmony” where all of the interactions customers have with us help them form powerful, motivating beliefs about why they should do business with us. As Steve will show us, the most important branding moments we have with our customers are not through our websites, brochures, etc. … they are through the one-on-one personal interactions with have with our clients and their auction attendees. Steve will share concrete, action-oriented ideas for us to build our brands, one customer conversation at a time.

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