Ditch The Pitch

Speaker: Steve Yastrow

Benefit auctioneers have a special talent: Presenting information to groups of people in a way that persuades members of that audience to take action. 
So what happens when you're not talking to a large audience, but one, or just a few people? Imagine you're in your sales process, working to persuade an organization to hire you. Or in the planning process, persuading your client to take steps to plan a successful auction. Or, maybe, you're having a conversation with a potential buyer before the auction starts. Can you use your same stage presentation skills, or do you need to approach these more intimate conversations in a different way? 
In this session, Steve Yastrow, author of the book Ditch the Pitch, will show you how to "turn every presentation into a conversation that matters." You'll learn how to improvise every conversation so that each customer you speak with feels that you are creating the perfect conversation for them. Steve will share the "Six Ditch the Pitch Habits," and provide you with tools for earning the engagement of your customers, and persuading them more successfully. 
Benefit auctioneers are talented improvisers on stage. Now, you'll learn how to translate these skills to the other persuasive conversations that you have as you run your business.

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