THE POWER OF PROCESS: Creating a Roadmap for Stability and Growth

Speaker:  Reggie Rivers, BAS

This session will help you build a robust structure to support increasing workloads. Experienced benefit auction professionals know that common challenges start to emerge around 12 to 15 events per year, and they can become crippling and growth-stifling at 25 to 30 events per year. Without a solid process foundation, increased volume leads to instability and unpredictability. Learn how to break through your current or next plateau and achieve new heights in growth and efficiency.
Upon completing this session, you will be able to:

  1. Pinpoint key areas in your current processes that are hindering growth and causing operational instability
  2. Create a tailored process roadmap that addresses your unique business challenges and supports sustainable growth
  3. Apply practical strategies and best practices to enhance your processes, ensuring efficiency and reliability as your business scales
  4. Break through growth plateaus and drive your business towards continuous improvement and success

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