Candidate for Director

John John Genovese, CAI, AMM, BAS

What prompted your decision to run for a position on the NAA board? My decision to pursue candidacy stems from a profound passion for the auction industry and a vested interest in its continued success for myself, my family, and the broader auction community. I am deeply committed to dedicating my time and efforts to fostering a thriving future for our industry by empowering fellow auction professionals. I am enthusiastic about collaborating with like-minded individuals to address the challenges and opportunities facing our profession and champion initiatives that promote excellence, innovation, and inclusivity within the auction community. I am eager to engage in constructive dialogue, exchange ideas, and work collaboratively with the rest of the board toward achieving our shared goals. Why did you join the NAA initially, and what can a member do to maximize their membership? I initially joined the NAA at the strong recommendation of Auction Legend Paul C Behr, whose guidance and insights into the auction industry greatly influenced my career path. Even before attending auction school, Paul emphasized the importance and relevance of NAA membership for professionals seeking to excel in our industry. Motivated by his advice, I became a member of the NAA nearly a month before auction school. The NAA offers unparalleled opportunities for networking, education, and collaboration with fellow auction professionals across various sectors and disciplines. However, it’s essential to recognize that membership benefits are directly correlated with active engagement. Engagement enriches one’s own experience and contributes to the collective growth and advancement of the auction community as a whole.

What is the most pressing issue for today’s auction industry? The most pressing issue for today’s auction industry is the imperative to evolve while preserving the fundamental principles that define our profession. By embracing change, nurturing trust, and prioritizing human connections, we can navigate the challenges ahead and ensure the enduring relevance and vitality of the auction industry.

In today’s dynamic environment, auction professionals must proactively anticipate and adapt to industry changes. Whether it’s the integration of emerging technologies, shifting consumer preferences, or evolving market dynamics, staying ahead of the curve is paramount to our continued success.

What specific initiatives would you like to see included as the NAA looks toward 2030 and beyond? First and foremost, I envision a concerted effort to foster a continuous wave of membership growth and engagement within the NAA community. Central to this initiative is ensuring that membership opportunities are accessible and valuable to all auction professionals, regardless of their tenure or experience in the industry. By making membership affordable and providing tangible benefits that resonate with professionals at every stage of their careers, we can encourage widespread participation and create a thriving community of auctioneers. Furthermore, I advocate for initiatives that promote industry promotion and community building, underpinned by a spirit of strong camaraderie and collaborative passion. Whether individuals are newcomers to the industry or seasoned veterans with decades of experience, I believe in the power of bringing people together to facilitate mutual support, knowledge-sharing, and professional development on a broader scale than ever before.