Candidate for Director

Erik Rasmus, CAI, AMM

What prompted your decision to run for a position on the NAA board? In 2020, I was elected as a trustee for the Education Institute for the NAA. This created a spark that has continued to shine to this day, I now serve as the Chair of the Education Institute. I have continued to spread the love and passion of our industry and association, a desire I obtained from my father, Chris Rasmus. The energy that the board of directors is providing has proved invaluable for my motivation to continue serving the NAA. I strive to continue the progress that our board has made and am excited to see the changes that will come as a result of this. Now is the time to make a difference. Now is the time to make an impact within our association. Why did you join the NAA initially, and what can a member do to maximize their membership? Like many members, I was born into our industry and thus brought to Conference & Show as a child. I urge our members to step out of their comfort zone and collaborate. Attend Conference & Show, join the community conversations, and urge state association members to join the national association. More members equals more ideas. Our members should reach out to leadership; we operate better with a shared vision. Auctioneers helping auctioneers….AHA!

What is the most pressing issue for today’s auction industry? Our industry is facing a few challenges. Public education is one of them; we need to change how the general public views our industry and auctions. Auctions aren’t a place where dreams go to die; they are an opportunity for rebirth. Many of us tend to hold our secrets near and dear; this puts up unnecessary borders and barriers to entry. We must stick together to preserve the nature and future-proofing of our industry. We must stick together to not become another spinning wheel in a bigger, greased-up industrial machine.

What specific initiatives would you like to see included as the NAA looks toward 2030 and beyond? Youth leadership, auctioneer syndication, and outside industry education are all top priorities for me. As auctioneers, we agree that the industry as a whole needs to keep ahead of the technological curve. However, the truth is that these developments take place in other industries first, especially in Silicon Valley; THEN, they find their way to the auction lifestyle. Think outside of the box and stay relevant. Burn down processes and rebuild; we don’t need to remain on the same path solely because it’s what we’ve always done. Welcome a new way of thinking. The NAA should be looking towards keeping auctions alive and relevant. Live or online.