If Content Is King, AI is Queen: Uplift Your Marketing by Leveraging AI

Speaker: Holly Meyer Lucas

For marketers in 2024, the task of "marketing" your company's products and services, and your business as a whole, can take on a life of its own. Marketing leaders are pulled in hundreds of directions with dozens of mission critical platforms, social media portals, and channels to feed with content and advertise on. Leveraging Artificial Intelligence helps marketers and business leaders create content, develop and execute marketing strategies, and connect deeper with customers. In this session, see how these create longer lasting client relationships and driving sales. 

Upon completing this session, you will be able to:
     1. Determine how to leverage AI to complete basic and complex marketing tasks,
     2. Save valuable time across marketing portals and platforms by leveraging AI
     3. Identify key marketing insights to gain competitive advantage using AI 
     4. Investigate ways to improve your skills and the content you produce for your brand
     5. Harness the power of cross-posting and how to repurpose marketing material over and over

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