Marketing Mastery with AI: Navigating the New Frontier

While marketing has been a long-standing foundation of the auction profession, the now commonplace use of artificial intelligence (AI) can transform your marketing efficiency and success. This class dives into how AI, particularly models like ChatGPT, can significantly upgrade how you interact with customers and automate creating personalized content. We will highlight the power of AI in generating stunning visuals that can transform marketing campaigns. Alongside the perks, we’ll address the complexities of using AI responsibly and staying on the right side of evolving business regulations. For auction marketers and business owners, you’ll walk away with a roadmap for leveraging AI's capabilities to foster growth and maintain a competitive edge in today's fast-paced market.

Upon completing this session, you will be able to:

  1. Deploy Large Language Models like ChatGPT to personalize customer interactions and automate content marketing, enhancing customer engagement and brand loyalty
  2. Incorporate the use of AI-driven image generation tools to create impactful visual content that elevates marketing campaigns and storytelling
  3. Identify and navigate the ethical considerations and regulatory requirements of using AI in marketing to ensure responsible practices that align with brand values
  4. Develop strategies to integrate AI into business development plans effectively, leveraging its capabilities for market analysis, trend prediction, and gaining a competitive edge


About the Instructor

John D. Schultz, AMM

John Schultz is a vanguard in the auction industry with over 25 years of experience, a tenure marked by innovation and dedication. Beginning his journey in a family-run auction house in the heartland of Minnesota, John has ascended to become a Partner and the Chief Marketing and Technology Officer at Grafe Auction Company. His visionary approach has been instrumental in creating a proprietary online bidding platform, distinguishing Grafe Auction on the national stage. An esteemed member of the National Auction Association (NAA), John has contributed as a Director and as a Vice President, shaping the future of auctioneering. His expertise in modern, data-driven marketing has made him a leading instructor for the Auction Marketing Management designation. His exemplary service was recognized with the NAA's President's Award of Distinction in 2022. John's commitment to the Minnesota State Auctioneers Association (MSAA) is equally notable, where he served as the 60th President and was the first President of the Minnesota State Auctioneers Foundation. For his outstanding contributions, he was honored with the 2009 Golden Gavel Award. Recognized as a thought leader, John's insights are in demand across the country where he presents at numerous industry conferences and educational events, sharing his wealth of knowledge and inspiring his peers toward excellence and innovation. Beyond auctions, John's life is rich with family joy and culinary adventures. He cherishes moments with his wife, Billie Jo, and daughter, Anna Claire, whose explorations and discoveries bring new excitement to everyday life. With a legacy built on integrity, ingenuity, and an unwavering commitment to excellence, John Schultz continues to elevate the auction profession, mentor the next generation of auctioneers, and ensure clients receive unparalleled value through innovative auction solutions.