The following tools and resources are available to help members market and promote their business and the auction method of marketing:


NAA members’ one-stop page that contains logos, links (including a press release template explaining your role!) and everything else needed to fully take part in the “Success with our #NAAPro!” and National Auctioneer Week social media campaigns in 2017!

NAA Logos

As a member of the NAA, you have permission to use the NAA logo on your business cards, website, collateral material and any other branding material your company uses.

NAA Promotional Videos

Download these really awesome videos  to post on your website, on social media channels, share with clients, etc.! As an NAA member, you also can add your own company information at the end of the video! Watch this microlearning video for easy instructions on how to get your own produced video spot made.

Not sure if you want to tackle that project? Email  or  and hire professional help!

Hire an NAA Auction Professional (Video)

Use this video to share with prospective clients and the general public why they should choose you — the NAA Auction Professional.

State Media Directories  

Implementing public relations activities in your business can help expand your businesses’ brand as well as educate prospective clients and customers about your company. NAA Auctioneers have access to media directories for all 50 states, Washington D.C., and the Canadian provinces.

Auction Presentations  

The NAA is aware of the time crunch put upon auctioneers. Developing presentations for speaking engagements and presentations can be a burden, so we’ve developed a variety of Power Point presentations to help you fulfill your public speaking requests and save you the time and headache of developing personalized presentations. The presentations were built so that members can personalize them with their business logos and contact information.

Press Release Templates  

These templates are available for NAA members to use. We encourage you to review them in full and make the necessary changes so that it best fits your business needs.


The Auction Handbook is your guide to the auction industry – from why to hire an auctioneer to what to know before you bid! This helpful booklet also includes a glossary of common auction terms.

Download this, add your company logo and distribute to potential customers who may be new to the auction industry – it is yours to use!


This section provides you with tools you can use in your business, NAA position papers and more.