Unleashing The Power of Process

July 23, 2024 | 8:30am - 12:30pm

Pre-registration is required. Register by July 9 to be entered to win free access to NAA's new Auction Team Training Program for one year.

When everyone in your organization is rowing in the same direction, executing with discipline and real accountability, you can finally get more of what you want from your business. 
The secret is process.
Creating clear, easily understood business processes unlocks the potential inside your company.  Process clarity increases revenue and profitability, protects you from the loss of key people, and reduces the daily chaos and misunderstandings within the team.  
Process is so important, it alone can increase your income, your free time, and your peace of mind.
In this workshop, you’ll learn how to understand the power of process within a larger framework, but also gain simple tools and hands-on experience to create them. You’ll get the following:

  • Understand how process works within a business operating system 
  • Learn to recognize the powerful competitive advantages hidden inside small things you and your team do everyday
  • Map a simple process without getting lost in the weeds
  • Transform that process into a powerful team training that transfers both the how and the why
  • See what new AI-powered technologies are doing to drive team communication and accountability


Kendra Brill | EOS Worldwide
I found my passion. It's coaching entrepreneurial leadership teams, and in hindsight, it's no accident. As a kid I combined creative endeavors with simple business models, and later, I founded and grew 3 companies. I know what it's like to start something on your own and sweat to find a way to pay people, while delivering to customer. I later built a financial investment organization and coached leadership teams from all background, through 12 years of entrepreneurial growth and in multiple industries including: tech, software, energy, healthcare, and product-based businesses. I got to see the best and worst of good people grappling with multiple issues at once, in often impossible situations. The reward is in coaching them across the chasm and leveling up the whole organization. As a result, I served as a Board Director for many companies, facilitating good stewardship from a different seat. Almost no one works harder than entrepreneurial companies. It matters to me that the work I do is based on a complete and proven system with simple tools that level up all aspects of the organization. EOS is that system and I'm proud to help you get what you want from your organization.
Kendra Brill  

Jon LoDuca | PlaybookBuilder
I am passionate about growth minded entrepreneurs and business leaders and have spent the last 20 years helping the top 1/4% to identify, package and monetize what makes them great. So basically, I've had the coolest career I know about - listening and learning from the best of the best to help them unravel and scale their genius. My clients aren't just highly successful, they're also kind, earnest and lifelong learners. I own PlaybookBuilder, an award-winning learning and communication software that helps small businesses with Followed By All. PlaybookBuilder allows users to capture and share best practices training using video, attachments, links, even QR code’s with their team members, customers, and vendors. PlaybookBuilder helps companies scale their genius.
Jon LoDuca

Who should invest in attending?

If you are an auction team manager or member looking to identify and document your standard operating procedures (SOP) and champion or implement onboarding training in your auction company, then this is the workshop for you!

Register yourself with your team and walk away having the beginning of your own SOP and onboarding processes in-hand and ready to begin using immediately in your business. And your registration includes a copy of the "PROCESS!" and "TRACTION" books to keep that ball moving forward back in the business!

Cost: $175 member /
$500 non-member

Pre-registration is required. Register by July 9 to be entered to win free access to NAA's new Auction Team Training Program for one year.

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