Volunteer Information

NAA's goal is to engage our members in as many ways as possible in order to provide them better products, programs, experiences and services. Volunteers are the core of a successful organization and it is critical that the selection of volunteers is based on the competencies needed by the committee, task group or other specified volunteer activity.

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  • Peer-to-peer networking opportunities
  • Enhance leadership and communication skills
  • Help build and participate in strong educational opportunities and programs
  • Assist the NAA in making strategic association decisions, positions and policies
  • Shape positive change in the auction industry


Our four cornerstone committees are what the NAA stands on. These committees are the perfect tracks for someone interested in eventually running for the Board. These committees are self-selecting, meaning the current members select future members from applications. Apply for these committees below:


In order to assist you in determining which area you are most interested in, we have developed charges for each committee that should give you a clear job description and an explanation of what type of time commitment will be required. Click below to review the charges for these volunteer opportunities.

Advocacy Committee
Audit Committee
CAI Committee
Candidate Review Committee
Community Committee
C&S Education Committee
C&S Education Monitors
C&S Oversight Committee
Curriculum Review and Creation Committee
Cybersecurity Committee
Designation Mentors
Educational Event Committee
Education Institute Trustees
Governance Committee
HR Audit Committee
IAC Live Committee
International Auctioneer Championship (IAC) Committee
Microlearning Committee
NAA Ambassadors
Promotions Committee

For more information, email memberservices@auctioneers.org