AMM – Auction Marketing Management

WHAT is AMM? AMM began its life as a technology designation, covering some marketing topics and also the basics of online auctions. Over time, it’s changed according to the needs of those taking it, and has become a marketing designation with a decidedly technological focus, reflecting today’s auction world. Attendees will learn about branding, marketing, audience and messaging, with a heavy technology slant. Some of the topics covered are advanced Facebook marketing, online metrics (generally through Google analytics), and some traditional marketing. Attendees, while they do not need a high level of online literacy, are often helped by having it. This designation, more than the others, is geared toward the “non bidcalling” auction professional.

HOW to obtain the designation:

  • Register for the AMM class.
  • Before the class starts, you’ll receive a link to the predesignation course and exam. Before you come to class, you must pass the exam (unless you already hold an NAA designation).
  • Attend all three days of the designation class.
  • After the class, to obtain the designation, submit a report detailing how they’ve used the concepts taught in class in their own work.


Earning any designation demonstrates your commitment to continuing education both to the public and members of the industry. It also enables members to network with like-minded individuals in the classroom and through additional networking events, but here are some specific benefits of an AMM designation.

John Schultz, AMM says that the AMM designation opens the doors to a world of auction professionals that are dedicated to advancing the auction marketing methods in a manner that is consistent with marketing trends from outside the auction industry. It allows students networking opportunities with a group of individuals that routinely challenge and push each other to a better marketing professional. 


“The primary benefit I found in AMM is that it pushes you to “unlearn” wrong assumptions and unhealthy habits. While the tools taught there are leading edge for the auction industry, the biggest thing you’ll learn is the strategic process of evaluating the marketplace for your seller’s assets (or nonprofit’s cause) and matching your approach to the what’s and whys that would bring motivated bidders to the process,” says Ryan George, AMM.


WHO teaches AMM?


Robert Mayo, CAI, AARE, AMM, GPPA


John Schultz, AMM – As a 20-year auction veteran John has experienced firsthand the impact changing consumer trends have in the auction industry. John leverages this experience as the Chief Marketing and Technology Officer for Grafe Auction.  John’s previous service to the industry includes serving as the Minnesota State Auctioneers Association 60th President in 2009, and Charter President of the Minnesota State Auctioneers Foundation. He is also the 2009 recipient of Golden Gavel Award for outstanding service to the auction industry.