BAS (Benefit Auction Specialist)

WHAT is BAS? This designation is one of NAA’s fastest-growing. The designation covers not just selling items at a benefit auction, but how to maximize fundraising through non-bidcalling methods, such as games to play with an audience, silent auctions, direct appeals and more.

Some of the major topics covered are working with nonprofits and volunteers, networking and marketing your services, and actually convincing people to pay for a benefit auctioneer (often nonprofits are used to using a volunteer auctioneer).

Attendees are generally benefit auctioneers with some experience who are looking to expand or auctioneers looking to add something to their portfolio of services.

HOW can you get the Designation?

  • Register for the BAS class.
  • Before the class starts, you’ll receive a link to the prerequisite course and exam. Before you come to class, you must pass the exam. (unless you hold another NAA designation)
  • Attend all three days of the designation class.
  • After the class, to obtain the designation, submit an auction summary report.
  • All requirements must be completed within two years of taking the BAS course.

WHO teaches AARE?

Trisha Brauer CAI, BAS – Trisha holds a Bachelors degree and also an MBA with an emphasis in Marketing and Sales. She is a graduate of World Wide College of Auctioneering. Currently, Trisha is on the Board of Directors for the NAA,  has served on committees and has published material in the industry magazine. She also presented at numerous Benefit Auction Summits, and was a part of the BAS rewrite in 2017.

Scott Robertson, CAI, BAS – Scott works as a full time fundraising auctioneer/consultant at Scott Robertson Auctioneers (SRA). An auctioneer since 1994, he has assisted thousands of not for profit organizations raise the funds needed to continue their good work. In just the past 6 years SRA has helped raise over 150 million dollars.

Lance Walker, CAI, BAS, CES – Lance co-wrote the Benefit Auctioneer Specialist curriculum and has taught the course to several hundred aspiring benefit auctioneers. Walker has served on the NAA Board of Directors, is presently a NAA Foundation Trustee, and a Hall of Fame member of Tennessee and Missouri Auctioneer Associations. Walker has M.A. and B.S. degrees in Education.