Certified Auctioneers Institute

CAI is different from NAA’s other designations. It’s a three-year program in which attendees spend a week each year onsite at Indiana University. It’s an intensive program involving late nights working on proposals and other projects that happen in the time between classes.

CAI, unlike other designations, focuses on the business of the auction industry rather than on a particular asset class. While attendees learn about different types of auctions, the focus is on business planning, development and structure. Attendees register for CAI I, CAI II, and CAI III in successive years. Gaps between CAI I, II and III of more than two years require approval of the Education Director, and often are addressed by having attendees audit CAI classes for a year before returning to the program.

Want to know more about CAI week? Click here to view 2021 CAI Week FAQs .

Requirements for CAI

The requirements to register for CAI are as follows:
  • Must be at least 21
  • Must have at least two years in the auction industry
  • Hold a high school diploma or its equivalent
  • Register for the CAI class.
To obtain the CAI designation:
  • Attend all three full weeks of instruction.
  • Complete an auction proposal, which is critiqued by the CAI Committee (between CAI I and II)
  • Work in committees to plan and execute the CAI Benefit Auction in CAI II
  • Complete a business plan (between CAI II and III)
  • Present the above business plan to their class and a team of examiners in CAI III
  • Be a current member of the NAA

What CAI can do for you

Earning the CAI designation proves your commitment to the auction industry by taking the time to obtain the premier NAA designation. Many clients look for designations when trying to find the right auction professional, CAI makes you stand out in the crowd as someone who:
  • Has strong professional relationships and networks
  • Has a mastery of auction methods and asset classes
  • Has educated business intelligence
  • Is an ethical business professional
  • Has business technology literacy
  • Is an invested auction professional
  • Has leadership mentality
  • Is an exemplary #NAAPro

Trisha Brauer, CAI, BAS describes this class as helping you learn how to strategically grow your business and learn strategies to best service your clients. CAI covers all the bases of being a stellar auction professional and enables like-minded students to have the opportunity to network that sets graduates apart from- the rest of the industry.

The next CAI will be March 21-25, 2021.

Register for CAI

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CAI 2021 FAQs



CAI Member Registration Costs:

CAI I: $1270 (before January 15); $1370 (after January 15)
CAI II: $1270 (before January 15); $1370 (after January 15)
CAI III: $1270 (before January 15); $1370 (after January 15)

CAI designation renewal fees: $150 per year (due Sept. 30)

CAI Non-member Registration Costs:

CAI I: $1570 (before January 15); $1670 (after January 15)
CAI II: $1570 (before January 15); $1670 (after January 15)
CAI III: $1570 (before January 15); $1670 (after January 15)

Classes Overview

Click each CAI year below to view a list of classes. Click on an individual class to learn more.

CAI I (Year 1) – Auction Business Foundations: Learn the various auction methods, asset classes, and basic business skills.

SUN. P.M. - Using Your Auction Proposal to Increase Revenue and Efficiency  
David Hudgins, CAI, AARE

MON. A.M. - Achieving Success with Internet Only Auctions
Chris Rasmus, CAI

MON. P.M. - Making Money for You and Your Benefit Auctions Client  
Christie King, CAI, AARE, BAS

TUES. A.M. - Capitalizing Personal Property Opportunities
Tim Luke, CAI, BAS, MPPA

TUES. P.M. - Presenting, Evaluating, and Reviewing Auction Proposals
David Hudgins, CAI, AARE

WED. A.M. - Exploring Auction House Operations
Jack Christy, Sr., CAI, BAS, CES, MPPA

WED. P.M. - Mastering the Art of Negotiation
John Hamilton

THUR. A.M. - Building a Lucrative Real Estate Auctions Business
Chris Pracht, CAI, AARE, CES

CAI II (Year 2) – Business Operations Management: Learn what it takes to run and support a successful auction business.

SUN. P.M. - Business Planning for Professional Growth
Shawn Terrel, CAI, AARE

MON. A.M. - Protecting Yourself and Your Business
Rich Schur, CAI, AMM, BAS, MPPA

MON. P.M. - Gaining Loyalty through Customer Experience
Tim Keller, CAI, AMM, CES

TUES. A.M. - Determining and Improving Your Business Value 
David Hart, CAI, AARE

Tom Saturley, CAI

WED. - Embracing Your Brand and Developing Compelling Marketing 

John Schultz, AMM; Sara Rose Bytnar, CAI, AARE, AMM

THUR. A.M. - Preventing & Managing Business Disasters
Mike Brandly, CAI, AARE, CAS 

CAI III (Year 3) – Auction Business Development: Learn how to grow or specialize your business for long-term success.

SUN. P.M. - Capitalizing Banks, Bankruptcy, and Government Opportunities
Mark Manley, CAI, AARE, CES, MPPA

MON. A.M. - Increasing Business Productivity and Efficiency
Robert Mayo, CAI, AARE, ATS, GPPA

MON. P.M. - Honing Your Business Sales Communications
Tim Luke, CAI, BAS, MPPA

TUES. A.M. - Utilizing and Protecting Data as an Asset New Class!
John Schultz, AMM

TUES. P.M. - Mastering the Art of Business Development New Class!
Jack Christy, Sr., CAI, BAS, CES, MPPA; Jimmie Dean Coffey, CAI, AARE, AMM, BAS, CES, MPPA; Tim Keller, CAI, AMM, CES

WED. - Business Plan Presentations
Panel of Examiners

THUR. A.M. - Building Business through Relationship Marketing New Class!
John Nicholls, CAI, AARE, AMM

THUR. A.M. - Maximizing Your Leadership Potential
Hannes Combest, FASAE, CAE