NAA Speakers Bureau

The NAA Speakers Bureau program hosts a select group of NAA-approved speakers, offering state auctioneer associations the opportunity to choose a subject expert for their annual meeting or conference.

NOTE: The NAA Board of Directors voted to offer up to $600 towards the cost of travel for speakers chosen from the NAA Speaker's Bureau! This has been a real benefit as the cost of travel continues to increase. To qualify for travel reimbursement, all requests for a speaker and the speaker's availability must go through NAA staff rather than directly between a speaker and a state association.

Speakers Bureau Program Guide


To Request a Speaker

NAA Responsibilities

  • Provide up to $600 travel reimbursement for one speaker per year (August through July)
  • Contact and confirm speaker from provided speaker list
  • Provide speaker contact information, picture and biography (as shown online)
  • Publish newly elected officers’ names, any competition results and other event information in Auctioneer magazine, space permitting. SUBMIT HERE
  • As of September 1, 2022 the NAA will cover fees up to $600 related to travel. Submit all reimbursable travel receipts to NAA  by email to or fax to (913) 894-5281 with a cover page, attention Bekah Ferguson. THE REIMBURSEMENT WILL BE MADE OUT TO, AND SENT TO, THE STATE ASSOCIATION AFTER THE EVENT DATE.
  • Conduct post-event surveys with speakers and state associations

State Association Responsibilities

  • Complete, sign and submit online Memorandum of Understanding  form to NAA no less than 90 days prior to event
  • Arrange and confirm lodging, ground transportation and audio/visual needs with speaker
  • Allow speaker to provide an NAA presentation during event when all attendees are present (minimum 15 minutes)
  • Allow speaker participation in conference activities. e.g. judge bid calling contest, swear in new board members
  • Provide meals and ensure all speaker materials are copied for attendees; and pay all transportation costs not covered by NAA



 Speakers Bureau Program Guide