The Auction Method

Whatever you're looking to buy or sell, there's an auction for that

While most people think about auctions in terms of farms, cars, antiques and art, today auctions play a role in nearly every asset sold. Whatever you're looking to buy or sell, the auction method of marketing works!

Real Estate: Real estate auctions are as viable an option for luxury properties as they are for foreclosures.

Benefit Auctions: Nonprofits and other charitable organizations rely on benefit auction professionals to raise funds that help people in need every day.

Commercial Assets: Assets like restaurant equipment, heavy equipment and construction machinery, government surplus and seizures, industrial and manufacturing equipment, recreational vehicles, office equipment, retail store fixtures, trucks and trailers are all sold very successfully at auction.

Personal Assets: Many personal property auctioneers are also working as appraisers, as they are knowledgeable experts in assets like fine art, jewelry, collectibles, antiques, coins, vintage cars, etc.

Auto Auctions: In addition to the large collector car auctions you see on TV, there’s also big business in auto auctions selling vehicles to local and regional auto resellers.
And yes, farm and livestock auctions are alive and very well in the auction industry.

Online Auctions: The emergence of online auctions expanded seller capability in all asset classes, opening up a whole new buyer pool.

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