Using Portfolios and Proposals to Increase Revenue and Efficiency

Portfolios and proposals are essential tools for effectively communicating your capabilities, understanding client needs, and establishing a solid foundation for a successful client relationship. They help build trust, manage expectations, and differentiate your services in a competitive market. In this class, you’ll learn how to build a professional portfolio from your auction work, education, and training – “Show, Don’t Tell” – to provide proof of your performance. Learn tips and techniques to best articulate the benefits and terms of an effective and efficient auction proposal. Pair your portfolio with your proposal and a contract and your first impression is sure to impress any client! The tips, tools, and techniques learned in this class will help you complete your proposal assignment and enhance your professional success.

Upon completing this class, you’ll be able to:

  1. Explore effective methods to organize and assemble a professional auction portfolio
  2. Analyze and discuss the essential elements of an auction proposal
  3. Identify the benefits of portfolios and proposals and the most effective opportunities to use each
  4. Work in teams to plan, create, and prepare BOTH portfolios and proposals with instructor guidance


Your Instructor

David R. Hudgins, CAI, AARE